So many people go through life feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, insecure, haunted by the opinions/beliefs of others, and wondering if there must be something more.

Others work at jobs that don't suit them, that force them to work not from their natural strengths, but from limiting job roles and culturally valued social traits like extraversion.

Well, YOU can choose to be the architect of your life.

YOU were born with unique gifts and purpose.

Let your natural gifts become your superpower.

DO what you were BORN to do

BE who you were BORN to be

Turn feelings of:

lack of fulfillment...into peace

being lost...into motivating purpose

unhappiness...into joy

being haunted by negative opinions...into confidence

insecurity...into self-esteem

uncomfortable stretching...into ease & alignment


Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it

~ Buddha

I Specialize In...

Mind-Body-Soul Alignment

Who were you born to be?

Career Path Identification

What were you born to do?

Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching & Instruction

Stress Reduction Confidence &

Self-Esteem Healing

Personal & Professional Growth

Courses & Programs

My Guiding Beliefs and Values...

We are all continuously learning, growing

& expanding

Challenges allow us to uncover our hidden strengths & abilities

We are all connected - we are all one

By nurturing others, we nurture ourselves

Positive thinking only when paired with positive action illuminates the way to positive change

Wisdom is available and accessible to us from many different sources - we must learn to listen, open & connect in order to receive it

You are here for a purpose.

When you live & work in alignment with that purpose, you experience flow, synchronicity, fulfillment & joy.

"Susan, I finally feel as if I have wings, not only to fly, but to soar. Through your guidance I have been able to do the work necessary to discover my souls purpose. It has been a truly transforming experience working with you in this program and with the direction you have led me through. I have been able to go deep within and connect to my higher self and my inner child through the journaling exercises, meditation and our sessions together with the group and our 1-1 time. It has been an incredible journey of finding my authentic self through self discovery and self reflection. I was able to overcome my obstacles and fears and call myself and see myself as an artist for the very first time. You helped me to face my insecurities around this and finally feel confident about my artistic talents - that was huge for me! I’ve gained incredible insight on how my creativity is a spiritual practice. I was able to focus inward and realize how I have naturally been able to use my creativity and talents to connect with my inner child and heal from the several traumas along my lifetime. I was able to discover that my creativity is a gift given to me to help others heal from trauma as I have. This experience has been absolutely enlightening and validating. I have a clear vision and action plan in place and I’m beyond inspired to start doing this important work. I will always treasure this experience with gratitude."

- Anne Giordano, NY

"Susan, the experience...of this soul purpose program has been life altering. It has granted me clarity and accountability to take the necessary guided actions toward connecting with my truest purpose. I have identified with how I am destined to serve and I am confident that I am on the path to becoming that as this path evolves. The meditation, journaling on specific questions, affirmations, removing blocks; have been instrumental in this process. Also, the...personality test gave me tremendous insight. Even though I have visited this platform in the past: it opened up a different level of identification when combined with this program. Specifically, the 1:1 sessions have produced tremendous insight and growth as they have honed in on what I need to do to cause a valuable shift. Your insight and intuition have been a key force in guiding me toward the right path and that gift that you possess has been a critical factor in why this program has been so effective. Thank you."

- Gina DiGuardia, NY

"Susan is truly inspiring. She has helped me to see that my only limitations are the ones I impose on myself. I was concerned that I wasn’t good enough as an artist, or that I was too old to start this journey. She helped me take that negative self talk and realise that I am already an artist and that with age comes talent and wisdom. She helps you to actualise your personal aspirations by supporting yourself rather than doubting yourself. It’s a nice change from where I was mentally and emotionally before starting to work with Susan. I feel very lucky to have her as my guide in this process."

- Roniya Sheffer, Austin TX

Introverts, Healers & Ambitious Women  why not live and work in alignment with YOUR soul purpose?

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