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What I See

I see a world that’s terribly out of balance. The masculine way of doing, doing, doing, strive, compete, conquer, think logically, analyze everything, while useful in certain situations is NOT a one-size-fits-all for every situation in life. Worse, we’ve cut off and shut down feminine pathways to brilliance so much so that most women feel disconnected from their intuition, their creative genius, the awareness of how powerful collaboration is over competition, and the permission the feel to just focus on BEING over DOING. It’s no wonder so many women feel depleted, stressed, incomplete, unfulfilled, overlooked and unheard.


We’re sold a bill of goods about beauty—how that’s the ultimate measure of our worth. So we invest in makeup, cosmetic procedures, designer clothes and shoes—external things we hope will fill the void within and elevate us personally and professionally in a society that’s less interested in our empathy, compassion, inner knowing, creativity, and collaborative prowess. We fear aging and we wage war against our bodies, despite the miracles they perform for us—like creating humans, healing us from sickness, and going, going, going no matter how hard we push them even as we neglect our self-care and lack self-love.


How do you reconnect to your natural feminine strengths? The unique light you were meant to shine? The contributions you were born to share?

How do you learn self-love?

How do you find comfort and confidence in an imperfect body?

How do you assert your influence in a male-dominated world that says your voice doesn’t matter?


 I’ve studied & personally navigated this challenging landscape. But I share great news: there is a way through to the other side.


Who I Am

As a child, I was painfully shy. An introvert, I lived very much in my own head. I dreaded when teachers would call on me. (True story: I almost fainted when my stockings fell down as I recited a poem in elementary school.) I dreaded corporate group meetings early in my career. (The lone introvert on a team of extravert coaches & trainers meant meetings were long and often.)


An empath, I often felt unexplainably overwhelmed by other people’s moods and energy. I didn’t yet have the awareness and know-how that would enable me to turn this trait I felt was a weakness, into my superpower.


An intuitive, I couldn’t readily explain how I just knew things, or where the knowing even came from. Growing up in a strict religious family, I then learned that intuition was a dirty word


So I studied. Psychology and hypnosis, so I could understand how the mind worked. Sociology, so I could understand the influence of social power structures and social conditioning. I studied alternative practices, meditation, energy healing, eastern belief systems, ancient wisdom--anything personal growth I could find. And, I studied photography, believing and finding it to be a powerful healing tool.


I created a diverse toolkit—one that enables me to help others to heal the mind-body-soul disconnect so they can become the unique, beautiful souls they were meant to be.


And so that I can empower you to release the invisible shackles of society, womanhood, motherhood, marriage, divorce, your upbringing, past trauma, limited thinking, self-deprecation, low confidence, and playing small.


Free yourself to become your SoulFULL self! I’ve experienced the incredible shifts myself, and I’ve witnessed the incredible shifts in my clients. The quality of your life is in your hands. You hold the key to happiness, confidence, your wildest dreams. You just need to believe in yourself. 


Like I believe in you.


I read an article recently where a journalist asked a number of people at the end of their life what one thing they most regretted. The overwhelming response? Not pursuing their dreams.


Change can be hard, I get it. But when you have someone at your side cheering you on, supporting you throughout, and showing you the light at the end of the tunnel, change can be incredibly liberating! You don’t have to go this alone.

-Susan Eckert, MA

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