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1:1 Transformation Photography & Body-Soul Connection Coaching


I’ll design your customized 6-week Transformation program based on your challenges and desired outcomes. The first 5 weeks consists of body-soul connection coaching. This culminates in a supportive, transforming 6th week photo shoot experience designed to solidify your new body-soul connection.



Seeds, Buds, & Blossoms are all welcome to participate in this program.



Using my signature Transformation Photography® Program we’ll:

*Leverage my 15-year experience transforming women’s relationship with their bodies through the photographic process

*Re-establish your connection to your unique brand of divine feminine and unravel the social conditioning that leads you to feel “less than” or “not enough”

*Illuminate and rescript the beliefs and experiences that have held you back

*Practice self-love

*Transform how you show up in the world—amplifying your confidence, authenticity, and connection to your personal power



Imagine showing up in a room and rather than hiding, shrinking, or comparing yourself to other women, you stand tall in your unique brilliance, your divine feminine power, your right to exist just as you are. If this sounds like a dream, it isn’t.


Ready to transform? 

Book your complimentary consult & explore how Transformation Photography can change your relationship with your body and how you show up in the world.

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