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This five-module self-study program is designed for those who aren’t yet ready to work with a coach, but who would nonetheless like to embark on a soul-quest journey to gain clarity on their innate gifts and possible paths that align with their soul’s purpose.



This program is ideal for self-motivated Seeds and Emerging Buds who feel inspired and able to hold themselves accountable for doing the deep inner work.



Upon program purchase you’ll receive a link to access the learning portal where you’ll find:

*A downloadable e-book

*Five weekly videos to accompany each module

*Weekly exercises to accompany each module and build upon prior work

*Weekly journal prompts

*Links to supplemental information, material and free assessments to guide you in your progress



I’m self-taught on lots of things. In fact, whenever I make the decision to leap forward in my life, my first inclination is to study on my own and figure things out. But I’ll be honest, I’ve learned the hard way: this road is the long road. In the past several years I’ve invested in coaching and it’s helped me see my blind spots, figure out how to navigate my own limited thinking, and learn tools and techniques for overcoming challenges that previously had me stuck, spinning my wheels, and increasingly frustrated. Still, if you’d like to try clarifying your SoulPurpose—who you were born to be—on your own, I’ve created this resource which you can work through at your own pace.

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Are awakening to the inner work necessary to discover what their innate gifts are and who they were born to become.



Have done some work to identify their innate gifts but are only now ready to take action towards clarifying and/or honoring their SoulPurpose.



May have already done extensive work to discover their SoulSeeds. They may even have achieved great success in traditional career paths (e.g. lawyers, doctors, teachers), but like the Lotus flower which experiences rebirth, these women are ready to evolve and come into greater alignment with their true SoulPurpose so they can live a fully SoulEmpowered life. Maslow called this tier of development Self-Actualization.


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