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1:1 Coaching: The Feminine Path to Rebirth & SoulPurpose


I’ll design your customized program ranging between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on your specific goals and where you are in your growth journey.



1:1 coaching is ideal for those who are at the Bud or Blossom (LINK TO QUIZ) stage of their personal/professional growth journeys.



Using my Signature H.E.R. Rapid Transformation Method™, we’ll:

*release energetic blocks so you can move forward

*incorporate my Human Iceberg Model™ & customized self-hypnosis techniques to illuminate & rescript internal, subconscious narratives so your mindset isn’t negatively affected by old identity stories and limiting beliefs and instead gets in line, helping you achieve clarity so you can make decisions and take actions from a place of feeling empowered

*incorporate my VISION™ framework to align your SoulSeeds (your innate talents & gifts), with your SoulPurpose, and create your SoulMosaic (a customized map for your path forward)



You’ll be empowered with the knowledge that you already have everything you need to become the person you were born to be! You’ll get clear about how your unique combinations of skills, talents & traits have positioned you perfectly for the unique contributions you were born to make. You’ll forge a new, evolved identity that inspires and pulls you forward into your SoulEmpowered life. 


SoulEmpowered living means less stress and anxiety, clarity in decision-making and prioritizing, greater fulfillment, expansion that feels rewarding and energizing, ability to honor yourself and your feminine gifts more, greater confidence and inner peace, stronger connection to self, others, & spirit, and greater satisfaction with all major areas of your life.


A better life is waiting for you. Let’s get started! 

Book your complimentary consult & learn, the single next step you can take toward a SoulEmpowered life.

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