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1:1 Confidence Coaching or Small Group Coaching



1:1: I’ll design your customized program ranging between 6 weeks and 3 months, depending on your desired outcomes.


Small Group: A six-week program with weekly zoom calls where you’ll work through my 5 Petal Confident Lotus Woman™ Framework (last bonus week is for Q&As and spotlight coaching)



1:1 coaching is ideal for those who are at the Bud or Blossom stage of their personal/professional growth journeys. Seeds, Buds, & Blossoms are all welcome to participate in the small group program as we go through the 5 Petal Framework.



Using my 5 Petal Confident Lotus Woman Framework™ we’ll:

*Introduce & implement each element (one per week) in the five-step model

*Create a safe, supportive bubble in which to spread your wings & share your voice

*Build your inner strength toolkit

*Rescript inner narrative that may be holding you back



You’ll show up STRONG in your life: ignoring the old urges to hold back; sharing your unique gifts and voice with others; raising your level of influence and leadership potential; honoring yourself; earning recognition for your contributions; expanding your reach; connecting with the right people; and overcoming visibility obstacles.


Ready to get started? 

Book your complimentary consult & explore what confidence coaching can do for you.

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